Previous projects funded


Pregnancy associated breast cancer in 15-45 year old women in Northern Ireland.
Jenny McNeil and Joanne Reid. Queens University and Belfast Trust.
Funded for £800.

Reducing the risk of congenital malformation in children born to mothers with epilepsy.
Jim Morrow, Michael Kinney, Emma Devenny, Inez Cooke. Belfast Trust.
Funded for £480.



Assessment of maternal serum lipids in early pregnancy compared with conventional risk factors in identifying women at risk of gestational diabetes.
David McCance, Parag Thaware, Ian S Young. Belfast Trust and Queen’s University.
Funded for £900.

Next Generation of Virtual World Environments for the Education of Midwives in Preparation for Stillbirth and Problem Birthing Scenarios.
Dr Joan Condell, Prof Marlene Sinclair, Dr Harkin, Ms McMonagle, Mr Callaghan. University of Ulster.
Funded for £900.

Stillbirth in Northern Ireland: 2000-2010.
Dale Spence, Alyson Hunter, Jim Dornan and Jason Gardosi . Queens’s University, Belfast Trust and Perinatal institute, Birmingham.
Funded for £900.



The Role of Ureaplasma parvum in Premature Labour.
Peter Coyle, Akila Anbazhagan, Ciara Cox, Alison Watt; Regional Virus Laboratory and Royal Maternity Hospital.
Funded for £500.

Psychotropic medications: A prospective study of the foetal outcomes following maternal psychotropic treatment for Bipolar Affective Disorder in pregnancy.
Rachel Morrow, Janine Lynch, Joy Bell, Peter Sloan; Belfast Trust.
Funded for £500.



Virtual World Environments for the Education/Support of Mothers and Midwives in Preparation for Birthing Scenarios: A Working Prototype.
Joan Condell, Kerri McCrory, Marlene Sinclair, Elaine Madden.
Ulster Hospital; University of Ulster.
Funded for £800.

An Open-Label Randomized-Controlled Trial of Low dose Aspirin with an Early Screening Test For Pre-eclampsia and Growth restriction : A Pilot Study (TEST Study).
Fionnuala Mone, Fionnuala McAuliffe, Fergal Malone, Marie Culliton, Alice Stanton, Paul Downey, Sean Daly, Mike Geary, Cecilia Mulcahy, Elizabeth Tully, Aine Toher, Patrick Dicker. National Maternity Hospital, Perinatal Ireland, RCSI, Coombe Women’s Hospital, Rotunda Hospital.
Funded for £800.



Clinical utility of 3D Doppler ultrasound and maternal biomarkers in the prediction of pre-eclampsia in high risk women ( The PREDICT study).

Kelly Ann Eastwood, Prof Ian Young, Valerie Holmes, Alyson Hunter

Belfast Trust and Queen’s University.

Funded for : £500.



An investigation into the effect of the mother’s birth experience and its impact on maternal  susceptibility to postnatal depression.

J Elwood, J Stockdale, E Murray, A Bell, M Sinclair.

Ulster University, Western Trust and Northern Trust.

Funded for: £1000.


[ Service Development Grant]

Additional ultrasound and Doppler training in the third trimester for midwives.

Pat Scott, Paul Fogarty.

South Eastern Trust.

Funded for : £1500.



Self-reported mental disorders in pregnancy in Northern Ireland: secondary analysis of data from the Northern Ireland Maternity System (NIMATS)

D Mongan, C Mulholland, J Lynch, C Shannnon, O McCambridge, D Hanna, R Morrow, R Connolly, C Gorman, S Hamilton, D Boulter.

Queen’s University, Northern Trust, Belfast Trust, Southern Trust, Public Health Agency.

Funded for : £2000.



[ Service Development Grant]

Development and evaluation of  recent changes to the provision of antenatal care for women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Irwin J, . Cooke I, Johnston K, Gomersall J,  Graham U, Courtney H, , Iqbal N, l, Quinn J, Gordon C, Watt P, McShane C, Menage C, Martin S, McCance D.

Belfast Trust.

Funded for :£1000


An early warning foetal motion detection system

Clare Dougan, Huiyu Zhou and Fatih Kurugollu

Belfast Trust and Queen’s University

Funded for :£1500






Mr Pruffin Trust